photo by  Tatiana Daubek

Kristin Olson is an active freelance oboist in New York City and beyond. Since winning her battle against the ever-collapsing lung, she has a renewed love for her passion and career. When she isn't performing and touring with ensembles all over the country, she enjoys making oboe reeds for her customers at Reed Lizard. Kristin has always been a fierce believer in the power of music to soothe and heal. Growing up, she fondly remembers playing in elder care homes and churches, amazed at the power music has to touch people's lives. When she isn't working tirelessly to make the Mount Sinai Concerts successful, she helps to run Grand Harmonie and SacroProfano Baroque, two other projects she founded. 

Kristin also loves to draw, paint, run, and dance. Once her lung feels completely 100% recovered, you'll find her cutting a rug again at local swing dance and salsa dance haunts. Kristin holds music degrees from the California Institute of the Arts, the University of Southern California, and the Juilliard School.